King's And Queen's Ball!

Feb 18, 9:30 - 1am - The Crowning Of The Royals, King's and Queen's Ball

Who shall wear the Royal Crowns?! Perhaps it is you, my Liege!  

Feasting, Royal Chamber Music, monarchial merriment, Royal Rum Punch, and a Marvelous time shall be shared by all! Mardi Gras is nearly upon us, and we simply MUST have Monarchy!  

It is The Café Paradiso Bistro and Social Club's First Fresh Year at our beautiful new location, and we have every intention to build the Mardi Gras Season to incredible heights! But it takes a Community to do this!  

The Gathering Of Royals on February 11th is the place to throw your crown in the Royal Ring, but the King's and Queen's Ball is the time to celebrate in Royal Fashion! (Yes, you can wear the same outfits!)

If anyone knows Mardi Gras, it is Chef Gypsy and Ryan... who came to Titusville after a very lengthy tenure in New Orleans, where the traditions and the energy came with us and is flowing all over the walls of this new adventure! So come experience Mardi Gras with us, where year after year, we will continue to unfold all the beauty and pageantry of New Orleans in her finest of times~

The Evening will consist of the announcement of the Royals and Their Court, Permanent fixtures of their Majesty's photos on our ancient walls, select royal drink concoctions, a Royal Feast, and a Comedy of Jesters!  


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