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Passport to Paradiso, 8 Event Season Ticket. ONE PASS covers 8 events!

This Season ticket is priced at $35 per event, which is a steep discount for Pass holders. Usual pricing for events is $45 - $60, so the savings is obvious.

Ticket Holders will receive a numbered and laminated Season Pass. Allows up to 8 events per holder and may be handed off to a friend if you can not make your selected event.  

***The “Passport to Paradiso” provides a discounted guaranteed seating at our many special events. We do limit the total number of Passport holders to any event to just 40. Our Social Club has a maximum seating capacity of 70 persons. In an effort to include as many interested event attendees as possible it is necessary to learn just how many Passport holders will attend a specific event as well as the total number in their party. A Passport holder may reserve seating right at this site OR by emailing [email protected] for any scheduled future event at any time, but no later than 7-days prior to the event. 

     An e-mail will go out to all 35 Passport holders 14-days prior to the upcoming event. The notification will request an RSVP be returned within the following/next 7-days. The RSVP needs include number of persons that will attend using the Passport. No response within the following 7-day response period allows for event seating to be made available for sale during the last 7-days prior to the event to non-Passport holders. 

     Upon using all eight of the Passport tickets, the Passport holder has the option to purchase another Passport within the 10-days following the last attended event. If this option is not exercised within the 10-days, then a new Passport can be sold to the next interested party on the Passport waiting list. 

     If a Passport holder reserves seating but is not present for the event, the seating reserved will be deducted from the Passport.

If you would like to have your pass cover 2 people, each extra person will count as 1 event usage. SO, a couple may enjoy 4 events together at this pricing, or 8 guests at a single event.... or any grouping that adds to 8. Yes, this is sharable, however, each use will be charted. 

The current list of upcoming events is as follows but is absolutely NOT limited to the following below: We will inform all Season Ticket Holders of any additional events, and all are First Come First Accommodated. Season Ticket Holders also receive 15% OFF of any private event booking for either the VIP Room (2nd floor, accommodates 20) or Mystique Room (3rd floor, accommodates 49)


Sat-Feb 11, A Gathering of Royals - King and Queen Selection Party - Mardi Gras Mayhem!

Sun, Feb 12, Superbowl Watch Party, Doors open at 5:30 PM. 

Tue-Feb 14, Valentine's Day Dinner Special, reservation required at booking. Ribeye Steaks included in this event.

Sat-Feb 18, King and Queen’s Ball, The Crowning of the Royals - Mardi Gras Mayhem!

Tue-Feb 21, Mardi Gras Feast! - Mardi Gras Mayhem!

Fri-March 17, Kiss Me for Luck! Crawfish and Leprachauns!

Sat-April 1, April Fools, A Bunch of Jesters and more Crawfish!

Sun-Apr 9, Easter Brunch Feast and Easter Bunny visit with Easter Egg Hunt (1pm) AND Yes, and an Adult Easter Egg Hunt at 7pm!

Fri-May 5, Cinco De Mayo Celebration, Live Music event

Sat-May 6, Derby Paradiso Finery and Watch Party, 4 to 8pm

Sun-May 14, Mother's Day Dinner

Sun-Jun 18, Father's Day Dinner

Mon-June 19 Juneteenth Celebration - TBA

Tue-Jul 4, Independence Day, Crawfish Bash plus a Very special cake by Sarah Justine

Sat-Oct 14, Oktoberfest in Paradise - Traditional fare!

Sat-Oct 28, Halloween Event Theme TBA with music by Gypsy Elise & The Royal Blues

Tue-Oct 31, Halloween (costumed fun, tickets not required at this time.

Sat-Nov 11, A Salute to Veterans. Veterans get free drinks with dinner, plus a Very special cake by Sarah Justine

Thur-Nov 23, Thanksgiving Feast and Live entertainment

Mon-Dec 25 Christmas

Mon-Dec 31, New Year's Eve Bash, TBA

Plus man other dates that will be included as they come up~ :)

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