Selection of the Royal Court of Mardi Gras!

Feb 11, 9:30 - 1am - Royal Court - A Mardi Gras Gathering of Royals

Café Paradiso Bistro and Social Club PROUDLY PRESENTS the First Annual Mardi Gras In Paradise SEASON!

Let the Mardi Gras Major Festivities BEGIN! February 11th is the night that should you desire to be the King / Queen and Royal Court of 2023 Mardi Gras in Paradise, you will need to plump your feathers and make it known! Or, simply join us for the Kick Off event of the Season in your royal finery (country of choice of course!)

So come gowned and cloaked in your finest royal attire! After all, YOU may be selected to reign as 2023's King or Queen of Mardi Gras! Full Royal Court selection is by vote tally! Details below.

The evening shall consist of a cocktail hour where you can Mingle and Meet, a Singles Mixer in the VIP Lounge (2nd floor) where should you spot your perfect King or Queen and wish to join legions, you may!

Contestants will receive a Royal Introduction of your Intent to run for Royal Court.

Then there's a Feast fit for a King and Queen! (All included in the entrance fee. (Yes, special cocktails too!) **Full bar is also available for your +added pleasure~

Seating IS limited, and will be offered by request when more than 2 are attending as a group. Otherwise, we will seat according to availability. Please scroll to viewable seating chart. We will update by first come first requested. Requests may be made at the time of ticket purchase (add to notes) but as stated, is limited to larger groups. So select your own Royal Court and STORM THE CASTLE!

Photographs will be taken of all who are throwing their crowns in the Royal Ring, and the entire Royal Court will be selected by tally. $.25 chips (Mardi Gras coins) will be purchasable to place in the tally box by your photo at our contestant display area (Feb 12th at 9am thru Feb 16th at 9am), and the winners will be King, Queen, King's and Queen's Duke and Duchess (2 per his and hers) and Royal Squires (1 per his and hers). That's EIGHT total winners for Royal Court!

Royal Court winners will receive great gifts and prizes!

Selection time frame is from Feb 11 to Feb 16, with Royal Court announcement to heralded ONLINE and at Café Paradiso on February 18th at The King's and Queen's Ball!

Winners need not be present at the King's and Queen's Ball to Reign, however... in such a case that their Highness' presence is challenged, an alternate Monarch of their choosing (appropriately attired of course) to take their seat as Royalty at the King's and Queen's Ball~ The true winner's photograph's will be displayed all year as King And Queen of 2023 Mardi Gras! And So on for years to come!


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