Cup 7 Bowl 10

Incredibly flavorful, yet fully vegetarian!

Simple Style 4 Bacon Jalapeno 5

Generous cut, baked golden and delicious Simple Style OR with fresh hickory bacon and pickled jalapeños~

Cup 5 Bowl 8

Try a little something extraordinary! Pikliz is a delicious Haitian slaw that is traditionally served with Jerk Chicken or Griots, but goes with everything!

Cup 9 Bowl 12

Tex-Mex style black bean goodness, with Cajun sausage and Hatch chilis, fire roasted tomatoes, bell peppers, celery, grilled onions and Gypsy dust love- Optional sour cream and cheese upon request.

Cup 7 Bowl 10

Delicious rice, cooked in coconut milk and with added toasted coconut flakes and herbs~

5 cheesy +3

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