Mster Class - Chef's Table Viewing - Visual Only Learning and Interactive.

Mster Class - Chef's Table Viewing - Visual Only Learning and Interactive.


Demystifying The Fine Art of Food

Cooking Master Class - with Chef Gypsy
Held at the Café Paradiso Chef’s Galley

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Chef Elisandrya De Sade Way, known to her friends and guests as ‘Chef Gypsy’ is the Executive Chef and primary Owner of Café Paradiso Bistro and Social Club in Titusville as well as Fleur D'Elise French Quarter Cuisine and Catering (National) is a unique culinary artist with 47+ years of expertise in professional kitchens.
With multiple accolades and accomplishments, the most impressive aspect of her culinary style is her fearless vision. Chef Gypsy puts her whole heart and spirit into every offering and refuses to cut corners when it comes to intricate recipes. She instructs with a warm flair that puts her students at ease when creating even the most challenging recipe. Each class is suitable for everyone, from a curious beginner to a seasoned professional, and embraces only 1 credo... Food should be fresh, healthy, respected, and served with love. That love can be savored in every bite, and YOU and those you love are deserving of excellent taste! Classes will cover a buffet of deliciousness, beginning of course with 'The Excellent Egg', with. A full range of culinary artistry will be covered over many months, including but not limited to ‘The Mother Sauces’, international foods, various meats and fish, breads and baking, wine pairing with specific foods, vegetarian and vegan creations, as well as confections and desserts.
Each class will blend simple as well as ingenious flavor profiles, fine-tuned proper cooking techniques, and so much more. Each class begins with 10 minutes of ‘The Basics’ and setting the mis-en-place (workspace and ingredient organization), then immediately folds right into technique, profiling, and plating.

Available Class times:

Monday of each month from 11am until 1pm

4th Monday of each month from 5:30 pm until 7:30 pm

For added convenience, we will be offering 3 tiers of attendance...

1. Immersive Interactive Cooking with Chef Gypsy... this level has only 4 spaces in the Chef's Galley at Café Paradiso___ $95 per class includes all ingredients and cooking needs to use for this class, plus full access to the web recordings that were attended. Prepared items are shared with attendees... and ultimately go with students at the end of each class should they desire.

2. Chef's Table Viewing - Visual Only Learning and interactive. This level is not hands on, but is up front and personal, only inches from the action. It is a Live Visual Experience right across the counter where questions and instruction may be asked in real time _ $25 includes web access to recorded classes that were attended.

3. Live or Recorded Webinars - for those who cannot physically attend due to distance or scheduling... we offer (360°view) of each individual Class - Galley Online Access, viewable anytime____ $15 monthly.

The first class is scheduled for July 22, 2024 and is the evening class from 5:30 pm to 7:30 pm. Active Cooking Participants should register early to secure their space. A personal workstation will be set up for each attendee. Chef Gypsy can be reached at 504.344.2607

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