Murder at Merkister Hall - , July 17th, 6:30pm. Performance in the Bourbon Royale~

Murder at Merkister Hall - , July 17th, 6:30pm. Performance in the Bourbon Royale~

Murder Mystery Dinners:
Merkister Murder, May 1

It’s the 1930s. The great depression is over, the pound is competing with the dollar on the open exchange and there is a rise in business of all shapes and sizes.

It is a time of prosperity for the social elite, and tucked away in the leafy depths of the countryside, the residents of Merkister Hall, Brigadier Balderdash and his wife, Lotta, are just two of those who have achieved a very comfortable life.

Keen to share their good fortune with others, the Balderdash’s regularly host sumptuous dinner parties at their stately home which involve nothing but the best wines, fine cuisine and traditional after-dinner entertainment. This evening was to be no exception. The guests have all arrived and with the food ready to be served, the party only lacks one thing; the butler, Leversham, who has been discovered dead in the billiard room!

With the butler murdered, the question everyone must answer is who did it?

The Suspects:

Brigadier Balderdash - Lord of the manor.

Pompous, with very upright military bearing, Brigadier Balderdash is always seen in a well starched collar and his tweed suit.

Lotta Balderdash - Wife of Brigadier Balderdash.

Tastefully clothed and very reserved, Lotta Balderdash is refined and elegant.

Morgan Carze - Racing car driver.

Always in a tearing hurry, Morgan Carze embraces modern fashion, but is also fairly scruffy and windswept from driving.

Drew Sketches - Local artist.

Never without an artist’s smock, Drew Sketches often has a sketch pad to hand and a paintbrush behind an ear!

Rev. Al Ation - Vicar.

With his stiff white dog collar and wearing traditional black, Rev. Al Ation is always on duty for his flock.

Miss Jane Marbles - Maiden aunt and amateur sleuth.

In a twin set and pearls and a tweed suit, there is nothing remotely sinister about this spinster, except for the dead bodies that seem to turn up in her close proximity!

Doug Oles - Archaeologist.

Fresh from his current dig, Doug sports his boots, trowel, and being young, huge levels of enthusiasm.

Nicole de Limelite - Film star.

Sophisticated and elegant, Nicole has all the latest fashions.

Max Outputt - Industrialist.

Dressed formally for dinner in a dinner suit, Max is never parted from his Financial Times.

Penny Pusher - The Balderdash’s secretary.

Devastatingly attractive and difficult to ignore, Penny is a blonde bombshell who is terribly organised and very capable.

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